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Depressing effect of flocculants on molybdenite flotation. The quality of recycled process water is an important issue in the flotation of Cu Mo ores. Processing of Cu Mo ores includes two steps: a bulk flotat

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molybdenite flotation copper iron Prior art date 1952 08 27 Legal status The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed. Expired Lifetime Application number US306638A Inventor Lyle M Barker Orel E Young

Molybdenite Flotation Metallurgist Mineral Processing ...

A molybdenite selective flotation. It is well known that molybdenite is a mineral with natural floatability intrinsic hydrophobicity, and under conventional flotation technology is recovered together with copper sulfides.

Depressing effect of flocculants on molybdenite flotation.

The quality of recycled process water is an important issue in the flotation of Cu Mo ores. Processing of Cu Mo ores includes two steps: a bulk flotation where molybdenite is recovered together with Cu sulfides, and a subsequent selective flotation step where molybdenite is separated from depressed copper sulfides.

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for molybdenite flotation. This study is a preliminary investigation which used only pure molybdenite mineral as model systems to optimize the flotation using micro emulsified collector. Material and methods Materials Molybdenite sample used in this work was obtained from Jinxin Mines Ltd. Chifeng,

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the pulp allowed to condition for 5 minutes. The flotation reagents 0.2 lb/ton fuel oil and 0. 1 lb/ton MIBC frother were added and an additional 5 minutes of conditioning allowed. Flotation of molybdenite then proceeded for 3 minutes. Both the concentrates and tailings were saved, dried, and

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The use ofm hydrocarbon as a collector for molybdenum sulfide improved metal recovery but necessitated the investigation of surfactants to produce a suitable froth for flotation at the Clima...

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Climax Molybdenum Co., a subsidiary of Xinhai McMoRan, is the world's leading molybdenum producer and supplier. Founded in 1916, our global operations include both primary and byproduct molybdenum mines.

Polymeric Depressants in Purification by Flotation of Molybdenite

The flotation processmonly used in Brazil for the recovery of molybdenite from emerald mining tailings, but it produces low content molybdenite concentrates, thereby resulting in a product with low

Molybdenite Flotation Metallurgist Mineral Processing ...

Table of ContentsMolybdenite Extraction Plant Molybdenite Plant Feed ThickenerCyanide Leach CircuitFuel Oil for Molybdenite FlotationDifferential Flotation Process for Recovery of Molybdenite from Copper Concentrates Factors Directly Affecting Molybdenite Flotation: The average molybdenite recovery in the copper concentrator for the first nine months of 1980 was 67.13 . In recent months, there ...

Use of dispersants in flotation of molybdenite in seawater ...

Flotation tests using pure chalcopyrite and molybdenite showed that the addition of emulsified kerosene to artificial seawater at a specific pH could selectively improve the floatability of ...

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an off grade or low grade molybdenite ore material containing insoluble non sulfide gangue as well as other impurities is treated bybination of chemical and flotation steps to produce a molybdenite concentratemercially acceptable grade.

Review of the flotation of molybdenite. Part I: Surface ...

Mar 10, 2016 · Flotation of molybdenite is carried out with the use of hydrocarbons e.g., diesel oil, kerosene, etc.. From this one concludes that molybdenite must differ from other sulfides in that its surface is already hydrophobic Chander and Fuerstenau, 1972.

Collector depressant equilibria in the flotation of molybdenite

This dissertation presents the results of research on the flotation system potassium n amyl xanthate sodium sulfide molybdenite. The purposes of the research were 1 to determine the theoretical collector depressant equilibria conditions of this system necessary for the flotation or depression of molybdenite, 2 to ascertain the mechanism of adsorption or the collector potassium n amyl ...